Friday, March 25, 2011

2 Year checkup

Michelle was conveniently away for work on the day of Samantha's two year checkup. I armed myself with animal crackers, goldfish and a water bottler. I even consider having some M&Ms in my pocket if things were going to get bad.

I picked Samantha up during snack time at daycare. They packed up some turkey and apple slices for the road for me.

We get to the doctor and check in. They give me a 20 question questionnaire to fill out about Samantha's development. Samantha also hands me a piece of chalk. The doctor's office has a big chalk board, not to mention a ton of toys in the lobby. We do some drawing on the board for maybe three minutes and we are being called in the back. I think 'CRAP! I haven't filled this questionnaire out yet'.

Samantha also was not happy we left the playroom. Luckily from the window, the EL runs every few minutes. She kept waving to trains. During this time, I start answering the questions. I also strip Samantha down to her diaper.

The Nurse comes in and we try to get Samantha to stand on the scale. EPIC FAIL. The nurse scared her and she wanted me to hold her. After a min, she stands on it long enough to get her weight, 26.2 lbs. She is now crying and in my arms. During this time the nurse measures her head circumference. I did not get that number. We then lay her down and measure her from head to foot. She was SCREAMING. She is 35 inches tall. I pick her up and the nurse leaves.

With her in my arms, I finish filling out the questionnaire. We sit down, watch trains, and calm down. The doc comes in next.

This doc has a few kids and is really good with Samantha. He pulls out laminated pictures of his kids that he has in a ring. He works slowly and talks to her the whole time. Samantha holds these pictures while he examines her. She loves them. Genius of the doc to have them.

Bottom line, everything is good. She is progressing very well. We do not have to buy whole milk anymore! WOOHOO! He then tells me we need to do a blood test (finger prick) for lead (because of Chicago water) and two shots.

Nurse comes back in. Samantha does not even flinch with the finger prick or seeing her blood go into a very skinny tube. Now, when the nurse puts the band-aid on I swear she just misses where the finger is cut but it seems to be soaking it up. The shots come next, both in the same leg, and cause Samantha to flip out. Fine. I was expecting this. Nurse leaves.

As the nurse leaves. her finger starts gushing more blood outside of the band-aid. Along with the pain in her leg, the sight of her blood coming out is causing a GIANT meltdown. Where are those M&Ms when I need them! ARGH! While holding her, I grab a paper towel. Blood is getting all over her hands, my shirt, etc. I am trying to calm her down. She wants the band-aid off. I finally get her shirt on and the blood is slowing down. I get her pants, socks and shoes on and tell her we can go play in the lobby.

The paper towel was covered in blood. I blame the nurse but when I examined the band-aid later it was soaked too.

We get to the lobby and she is playing with legos. I wait for the blood work to come back. Everything is good. Her lead count is so low it does not even register in the machine. I tell Samantha that it's time to go but she does not want to leave! I end up having to pick her up and carry her out.

When we get to the car, I take off her band-aid, wipe her hand off and give her the box of animal crackers and the bottle of water. She was excited for the animal crackers. On the ride home, she kept telling me the animals.

In conclusion, her progression and numbers are good and animal crackers make everything better.


Mich said...

Nice job Dad! That is a great tip - always have animal crackers!

vic said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Good job!

c_reuter said...

1. What is wrong with whole milk?
2. One reason I never went to the doctor alone.

Jessica said...

Well planned Mrs. Reuter, well planned.

Sue said...

Loved this post, made me laugh! Great job!